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Born in Cuba in 1976, Captain Armando has loved to fish since age 6, he often dreamt of fishing like his idol and pioneer of the sport, Jose Wejebe "The Spanish Fly".  After achieving good success as fishing guide in the Flamingo Everglades he decided to venture and guide in Louisiana, a true Sportsmen’s Paradise in 2019.  Three seasons later he still loves and works to conserve his fishery as he enters his 8th season as a successful and awarded fishing guide.  View his results; Verified Reviews. Armando’s infectious personality, southern hospitality and genuine love for fishing will help you enjoy a fun and productive day on the water.  Regardless of your level of experience or age, Armando will work hard so that all his guests enjoy their day.  Since 2019, Armando has entered local and National tournaments, where he won two of them. First, the “Top Guide Award” at the Swamp Guides Ball in 2019 and recently, first place in the Hook'em in the Glades fundraiser to benefit a local school.  Rest assured that you are booking an experienced and certified five star rated guide for your Everglades fishing trip. Ps. Armando is a Spanish speaker. 

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FLAMINGO MARINA                                                                                ROD and GUN CLUB

1 Flamingo Lodge Hwy                                                                             200 W Broadway
Homestead, Fl 33034                                                                                 Everglades City, Fl 34139



200 W Broadway                                            Everglades City, Fl 34139



Our 2300 Pathfinder HPS comfortably accommodates up to 4 anglers. Enjoy the Flamingo Everglades’ unique ecosystem with your daughter or son, your fishing buddy, or your spouse.  The vessel is designed to get us to the fishing grounds quickly so that more time is spent fishing!  Once aboard, your rods and reels, tackle, live bait (if available), catch filleting and cleaning, water bottles and fishing license are all provided. 


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  • 2 anglers, $100 each additional up to 4.

    5 hr

    850 US dollars
  • 2 anglers, $150 each addit. up to 4

    5 hr

    750 US dollars
  • Best value! Up to 2 anglers, $150 each additional up to 4.

    8 hr

    950 US dollars
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