Fishing Reports- August 2022

Hello A2 fans, thanks for stopping by!  

This summer season we were blessed to have fished (again) out of New Orleans in June and July.  A2 fans, it was truly epic- our best season yet.  Please stay tuned as we plan to do it again next summer!  Also below, please see some of the highlight photos.  

As for local conditions.  Friends it is HOT.. For that reason I've recently added a shade area to the boat, all guests can use it when the heat gets to you.  Also, we are choosing to start just a bit earlier so that we can take advantage of the coolest part of the day 6:30- 12:00 noon.  I also strongly recommend bringing more hydrating drinks like Gatorade or other, as always water is provided.  

As for the bite, it is good!  It turns on when it wants to...sometimes early other times late in day, it mainly depends on tides and water movement!  When you book, we will speak on the phone just a few days prior to our trip, on that call I will advise when it will be best!  Currently, we are finding a good Snapper (Mangrove/ Gray) bite along with plentiful small Snook.  Trout have gone missing, Tripletail are spotty and our favorite- Redfish are hitting our decks on a somewhat regular basis.  

Although it is hot, we are booking trips way in advanced, therefore I urge you to text or call me once you've chosen a date! 


This upcoming fall and winter seasons will be epic, don't get left out.  Call us today to get on the books.  

See y'all aboard.  

Capt Armando